Athletes! Want an All-Natural Fix to Your Energy Problem?

7 Simple Options for Athletes that Don’t Contain the Deadly Chemicals in Most Energy Drinks

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    Squat More Through Better Movement 200Kg (440lbs) is a big number.  I just watched an athlete at the barbell club hit a lifetime PR of 200Kg Back Squat and it didn’t even look hard.  It was amazing to see him bounce right out of the hole and say “that felt easy.”  He had just […]
  • rest, recovery, crossfit, strength, healthStronger, Faster, Better Through ACTIVE Recovery
    Recovery The Right Way It may sound odd to you that rest can be done wrong.  But it really really can and it happens all the time.  Proper recovery, especially for athletes wanting to maximize their training, is absolutely critical.  In fact, if you want to increase your training volume you have to […]
  • training, crossfit, weightlifting, health, strengthImprove Your Squat, Bench, and Deadlift
    The Benefit of Isolation Movements A lot of people have jumped with both feet into the functional fitness / Crossfit.  And for the most part, I wholeheartedly agree.  The body is a system and should be trained as such.  But we don’t live ideal lives in an ideal world.  You drive a car, sit at […]