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Speed Up Injury Recovery; Maintain Muscle Mass

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Reduce Muscle Loss While Away From Training

Injuries happen.  If you’ve trained for any amount of time you’ve had at least a few minor injuries that kept you from training.  No matter the severity of injury and the correlating amount of time away from training, you’ve dealt with setbacks in performance.  Getting back to training after any time away is going leave you with diminished performance in some way, shape, or form.  It’s a fact.  But you CAN reduce loss in performance and also speed up recovery while maintaining muscle mass.

Keep Eating Like An Athlete

Change your perspective.  Look at the necessary recovery period due to injury as another recovery cycle.  Eat the same as if it were just a series of non-training days.  This means you’ll need to maintain required caloric intake, reduce carbohydrates, maintain or increase protein, and increase fats.  And stay away from the junk food and alcohol!!  Your body is going through the healing process and that means it needs to be optimally fueled to optimally heal (aka recover).  Injury can really mess with your head and if you’re like me, you’ll try to eat those feelings.  Stop.  If you can maintain your healthy eating habits you’ll be able to:

  • better maintain current body composition
    • maintain muscle mass
    • minimize or totally negate increase in body fat
  • speed recovery
  • reduce athletic performance loss
  • (most importantly) avoid buying a new pair of pants because untucking your shirt to hide that the top button is unfastened isn’t getting it done anymore.  I’ve been there; you don’t want to visit.

Other Ideas

While you can’t fully train, focus on fixing other problems before they turn into injuries:  Range of Motion, muscular imbalance, stability problems.  Take this time to fix yourself and prevent the next injury.  I’ve found that the more time I spend on fixing these seemingly small issues, the more I stay injury free.  This turns into more continuous training time.  And that leads to increased performance.  The days of “rubbing dirt on it” as a solution to your injuries are past.  Take recovery seriously, take nutrition seriously.  Injuries will happen.  Use that recovery time to your advantage and learn from your mistakes.  I don’t every want to have a severe injury again, but it absolutely made me a more well developed athlete.  It can do the same for you.

Check out Yann Le Meur’s fantastic infographic on Nutritional Support for Exercise-Induced Injuries











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