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Improve Your Performance With Better Mobility

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Squat More Through Better Movement

200Kg (440lbs) is a big number.  I just watched an athlete at the barbell club hit a lifetime PR of 200Kg Back Squat and it didn’t even look hard.  It was amazing to see him bounce right out of the hole and say “that felt easy.”  He had just crushed his last PR by 6Kg and it didn’t even look hard.  So how was this possible? He didn’t get his hands on the perfect program.  He didn’t work exclusively on squats.  He certainly wasn’t increasing his volume or using performance enhancing drugs (unless you count too much whiskey on Fridays nights to carb load for Saturday lifts).  I’m sure you can halfway guess how this was possible.  I pretty much gave it away in the title.  He improved his mobility.

Proper Mechanics Are A Powerful Tool

You learned proper mechanics when you began resistance training.  You drilled and drilled because proper mechanics prevent injury.  But they also mean you maximize your strength through efficient movement.  You will always be able to lift more weight over a longer career when you leverage efficient movement.  That is an unalterable fact.  Science is a wonderful thing.

So now I’ll get back to that 200Kg PR.  When this athlete joined the barbell club he was a mess.  His ankles were stiff, his right elbow couldn’t close or open all the way and his right shoulder and wrist were always paining him.  And his squats reflected it.  He could put up some good weight but it was ugly.  So we started working on his mobility before and after lifts.  Over time, his mobility improved and with that so did his squat, clean, and jerk.  EVERYTHING improved as his mobility improved.  On a random Tuesday night in the middle of a strength cycle workout he hit 200Kg and made it look easy.  It took everyone in the gym by surprise because they hadn’t seen the work he did off the platform.  That’s the power of improved mobility.

You can literally hit new PRs, have better performance as an athlete, and reduce your risk of injury all in one.  Mobility work is the key.  Check out what I’ve already shared on mobility and recovery.  I guarantee you’ll find something that works for your.

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