Want an All-Natural Fix to Your Energy Problem?
7 Simple Options that Don’t Contain the Deadly Chemicals in Most Energy Drinks

Stuff to Use

Clothing that Moves With You

Strike Movement

Their athletic shoe line is the cornerstone of this company. I have literally never had a shoe fit so well and at the same time work for all kinds of functions: walking, running, weight lifting, cross training and casual wear. I can wear them with just about everything except maybe a three-piece suit. Their clothing line is nearly as impressive and I’m just starting to explore their full line. So far so great! The best part about this company is that the clothing is built to last and will keep going beyond normal expectations of wear and tear.

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Healthy Food Options
and Kitchen Gear to Cook It

Thrive Market

Thrive Market is Whole Foods meets Amazon Prime but better. Fantastic healthy products right to your door! It’s also cheaper than any other health food store I know. Shop the best-selling healthy foods and natural, wholesome products in everyday sizes, always 25-50% retail prices, delivered right to your door. With your first order you get FREE organic and cold-pressed coconut oil plus an additional 15% off any other items you purchase. I buy my almond butter, coconut oil, food seasonings, and other pantry main staples from this site.

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This company provides the best valued meal supplementation. For the price, I haven’t found a better quality product. This best part is that you get to mix and match the flavors, the quantities of protein, carbs and fat to meet your needs. Toasted Coconut is my go to flavor.

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Instant Pot

Hands down, the centerpiece of my kitchen. If I had to live off one kitchen gadget, this would be it. It’s a slow cooker / pressure cooker / do everything in a pinch classic. All meats cooked to perfection along with soup, stew, rice, potatoes and it can even steam your vegetables. Best of all, it’s easy to clean after the quick cook.

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This company provides the best valued meal supplementation. For the price, I haven’t found a better quality product. This best part is that you get to mix and match the flavors, the quantities of protein, carbs and fat to meet your needs. Toasted Coconut is my go to flavor.

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Cut out Chemicals.
Replace Them with Healthy High Quality Personal Care Products


Keep reading! I promise you you’ll be happy you did. There are some hidden gems in here for the gentlemen out there and all kinds of great stuff for you ladies. I purchase my sunscreen, facial soap, lip balm, body wash and something called the Charcoal Cleansing Bar (we all need this in our lives). It’s an ethical company with a mission to make your daily products safer. This company is obviously geared towards women as the target audience, BUT I highly recommend that my fellow ‘Y’ chromosome carriers out there take a serious look at this company for yourselves. We all need to take better care of ourselves, and this is one amazing way to do it.

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Young Living Essential Oils

I am an advocate for preventive medicine and a proactive mindset in physical and mental health. Essential Oils are a critical part of that for me. And they just plain smell awesome. Young Living is the the only brand I trust because of their unmatched quality standards. I use their oils for my hand and face care. I trust their nutritional supplements, vitamins and minerals as the best quality money can buy. I don’t have enough space here to go into all the details, but basically I use Young Living products for everything: cleaning dishes, shaving cream, hand care, skin care, a cologne replacement, cooking and replacing candles in my home (I don’t like open flames in my house if I don’t need them).

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Stuff to Know

Food / Nutrition

Renaissance Periodization

These nutrition and training experts know how to help athletes achieve their goals. They helped me meet my body composition goals (I lost 25 lbs) and maintain strength while doing it. A must for anyone who wants to change their body composition (get bigger or smaller) and do it smart and sustainably. I highly recommend all their books, but especially Scientific Principles of Strength Training. I also like their motto ” Science is Stronger”.

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Kate’s going to give you some amazing recipes and ideas that will keep you healthy and happy. I can safely say she is much smarter than I am when it comes to food creativity. Check out her website and you’ll see there’s no shame in my admitting that fact. She’s awesome.

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Becoming a Supple Leopard
by Kelly Starrett

This book basically tells you how to move in the gym and in life. It also give you solutions to muscle and joint pain. Follow BASL to better more natural movement and a pain free life.

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Power: A Scientific Approach
by Dr. Fred Hatfield

This book is incredible. Dr. Hatfield has been a prominent author in the realm of science driven athletic performance for decades. It shows just how much knowledge has been out there for years that you can safely say is ‘tried and true.’

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Standing Up to a Sitting World
by Kelly Starrett

It’s a big idea but you need to wrap your head around this one: people aren’t meant to sit down and sitting correctly only minimizes the damage. BOOM. Having said that, I know we all will sit down (many of us are car owners) but this book is going to show you how . Your body will be grateful.

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Books: Mindset

The Power Mind Course
by Ray Higdon

Great course! If you want to achieve a more positive and proactive mindset, this is for you. It gets you thinking the right way to tackle your day and get the results you want.

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Books: Sleep

The Sleep Revolution
by Ariana Huffington

I plan on writing blog post after blog post based on this one resource. I wish I could already convince you how valuable sleep is but this book will do that AND tell you how to get the kind of sleep that enhances performance in all aspects of life.

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The 3 Minute Expert
by Ray Higdon

This is the program I used to start my blog and business. I encourage everyone that wants to share their knowledge with the world to do just that. If you want to step off on the right foot then this is how.

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They made this killer website for me! I can’t recommend them enough. So much more than just web designers, they are masters of all things online marketing.

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